Developers, brokers wield mortgage buydowns to cut through high rates

New York City’s real estate market is witnessing a rising trend in mortgage rate buydowns, a strategic move by developers and brokers to enhance property appeal. This innovative approach, wherein sellers cover a portion of the buyer’s mortgage interest for a certain period, offers a fresh alternative to traditional price cuts. Initiatives like Extell’s at […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Best Ramen Eateries

The Lower East Side beckons ramen devotees with steaming shoyu, spicy miso, and velvety tonkotsu, leaving residents of nearby One Manhattan Square spoiled for choice. Here are three standout exemplary eateries that have come to define the area’s thriving ramen scene. When master chef Shigetoshi Nakamura opened Nakamura (172 Delancey St) in 2016, he introduced […]

Climb into a Good Book: Local Bookstores for Book Lovers

Just moments from the sleek and modern One Manhattan Square, residents can immerse themselves in the Lower East Side’s thriving literary culture. The neighborhood boasts a collection of bookstores, lively gathering spaces where narratives from various eras converge. Yu & Me Books (115 Delancey) is a treasured Chinatown bookstore back on its feet after a […]

Experience the Taste of Little Italy

In the early 1900s, thousands of Italian immigrants settled in Lower Manhattan, transforming Mulberry Street into a bustling Italian quarter. An affordable place to live and set up shop, Little Italy fostered a strong Italian-American community. Though the neighborhood has shrunk over the decades, Little Italy remains a symbol of immigration and cultural melding. Rich […]

Blood Manor: Tribeca’s Pinnacle of Terror

As autumn arrives in New York City, the haunted house Blood Manor reopens in the heart of Tribeca. More than just a typical haunted house, it is known as one of the preeminent destinations for Halloween thrills and chills in Manhattan. Spanning approximately 10,000 square feet, Blood Manor is a nightmarish odyssey through themed rooms, […]

OktoberFest NYC

As autumn blankets Manhattan with vibrant foliage, the hearts of New Yorkers begin to beat to a Bavarian rhythm. OktoberFest NYC, nestled along the East River waterfront at Pier 15, welcomes the season with brimming steins and the lively tunes of oom-pah bands. This free, all-ages celebration, running through October 29th, invites you to immerse […]

Best Thrifting and Antiquing in the Neighborhood

Thrifting on the Lower East Side: Vintage Finds With a Touch of Luxe The Lower East Side isn’t just about its storied past. It’s also a haven for those with a penchant for unique vintage finds. Three standout thrifting spots include Beacon’s Closet, L Train Vintage, and Edith Machinist. Let’s take a quick tour of […]

The Ultimate Playhouse at One Manhattan Square

In the world of luxury living, there are amenities that offer a perk or service, and there are amenities that change the texture of your life with their creativity, thoughtfulness, and a level of quality that makes that particular pool, playground, or fitness room better than any you might find beyond your building’s doors. This […]

What’s on at Metrograph?

Manhattan has always been about cinema magic, both on the screen and in the audience. While Regal Essex Crossing may dominate the Lower East Side movie-going scene with the latest hits, Metrograph offers an alternative for film connoisseurs. Situated near One Manhattan Square at 7 Ludlow Street, it’s more than just a theater—it’s an intimate […]

Dive into Seaport’s Late Summer Magic

Ah, the Seaport. When Manhattan turns up the heat, this district shines bright, serving up a unique blend of art, food, and tunes in the late summer. One Manhattan Square’s condos place their residents right near the Seaport action, too, ensuring them glowing days of shopping and sightseeing and glamorous nights enjoying the views and […]