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Skyscraping History and Luxury

Residents of the Lower East Side condos at One Manhattan Square are living in one of New York City’s latest (and greatest) architectural masterpieces. Designed by the renowned Adamson Associates Architects, this 800-foot edifice creates a dazzling peak in the Manhattan skyline, with a glass façade that reflects the river below and the light-filled city scenes above. Every feature of this superlative Manhattan condominium tower, including the three-story lobby designed by Meyer Davis, speaks of the designers’ meticulous attention to detail.

One Manhattan Square embodies the spirit of the city’s most celebrated skyscrapers, representing both a high point in architectural excellence and the height of luxury for those living there. Residents of these Manhattan condominiums can explore New York’s architectural heritage with resources from The Skyscraper Museum, which is devoted to the city’s high-rise buildings. Though the museum is currently closed, online programming from renowned architects and scholars is available on topics ranging from key players in the development of New York’s urban design, the biography and legacy of architect Frank Lloyd Wright in New York, and lessons learned from what is currently the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.

Residents can also delve into a series of captivating books like “Manhattan Skyscrapers,” “Skyscrapers: A History of the World’s Most Extraordinary Buildings,” “NY Skyscrapers,” and “Skyscrapers: A Social History of the Very Tall Building in America,” which detail the storied place New York City holds in world architecture, the city’s most dynamic buildings, and the architects and planners behind those buildings. “Rise of the New York Skyscraper: 1865-1913” offers an extended tour of the making of the city’s historic skyline. For budding architects and designers, “1,001 Skyscrapers” and “Who Built That? Skyscrapers” offer a colorful look at the world’s legendary buildings and architects — and they’re suitable for all ages.

Life in One Manhattan Square means enjoying more than 100,000 square feet of unparalleled luxury amenities, accompanied by the magnificent views of the city and waterfront the tower provides. And it gives residents the opportunity to explore the past and future of New York’s legendary skyscrapers — while living in one of them.