Experience Restaurant Week

It is undeniable that NYC is a foodies’ paradise. And this winter, there’s no better time to warm up and fill up on some of the finest restaurants in the city than during the much-anticipated Restaurant Week, which actually takes place for almost four weeks this year. When you’re one of the lucky residents of […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Local Coffee Joints

Whether it’s a double espresso shot to get you kick-started on a frosty morning or a languorous brunch while watching Manhattanites bustle about doing their holiday shopping, the Lower East Side is replete with first-class coffee shops. Here are four of the best near the condos at One Manhattan Square. Caffe Vita | 124 Ludlow […]

Your Own Private Spa, Just an Elevator Ride Away

The holiday season is in full swing, and despite the inclement weather, end-of-year deadlines, and chaotic schedules, there is still so much going on that makes this time of year the best time to be in New York. It’s all made even better by the vast array of relaxation and recreational spaces at One Manhattan […]

LES: A Haven for Lovers of America’s Best Pizza

New York City is the center of the known universe, according to its loyal denizens, and for good reasons—from its world-renowned museums and Michelin-starred restaurants to Central Park and the most storied skyline. But a true point of pride for New Yorkers has to be its pizza. The first thing that comes to mind when […]

Fall and Winter Drinking and Dining at Pier 17

A short distance from the One Manhattan Square condos lies a bounty of beautiful waterside establishments at Pier 17. Whether it’s lunch overlooking the East River, after-work cocktails, or somewhere for a fancy dinner date, Pier 17 has it all. Dante Seaport New Yorkers flock to Dante for various reasons: some to sip the upside-down […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Speakeasies

Clandestine entrances, patrons dressed to the nines, and libations flowing freely — speakeasies conjure up images of NYC’s gritty 1920s glamour. While that era is a century behind us, some of these Prohibition holdovers are still alive and well on the Lower East Side. As a bonus, they are completely legal, albeit a little less […]

Game Night at Two Bit’s Retro Arcade

Eighties nostalgia is in the air, and it’s firmly established as part of the zeitgeist. You’re not alone in the desire to relive your love of 1980s big-hair metal bands, revisit classic films like “The Breakfast Club” and “Dirty Dancing,” dress up with shoulder pads and parachute pants — or just get in on the […]

Smooth Jazz and Fine Wine on the Water

Residents of the stylish Lower East Side homes at One Manhattan Square enjoy sweeping New York Harbor views, complete with the iconic Statue of Liberty and the rising Downtown Brooklyn skyline. But you can’t truly appreciate One Manhattan Square and its surrounding skyscrapers without seeing it from the harbor’s point of view, and there’s no […]

What’s Happening at the New Museum

The New Museum is one of the most exciting institutions for art lovers in NYC. Established by curator Marcia Tucker in 1977, it is an incubator for innovative ideas from up-and-coming visionary artists and a showcase for those who’ve already made their mark. With its constant roster of eye-opening exhibitions, there’s always a reason to […]

Neighborhood Spotlight: Famous Local Eateries

There’s only one pizza spot in New York that can lay claim to both milling its own flour in the basement and making you nostalgic for the Downtown scene of the 90s with a 21st- century twist—and that place is Scarr’s Pizza. As Carlo Mantuano of The Infatuation writes, “It’s almost impossible to resist the […]