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What Do You See?

The beauty of living in New York City is undoubtedly being at the center of its energy — basking in the myriad sights and cultural attractions, and marveling at the architectural landmarks that make the city’s skyline the most recognizable in the world. The latest addition to the pantheon of storied Manhattan skyscrapers is One Manhattan Square. This 80-story tower reflects the city around it with its glimmering glass facade, all from its perch on Downtown Manhattan’s waterfront. But residents of One Manhattan Square’s Lower East Side condos have the luxury of taking in some of the most breathtaking views of the city, all from the comforts of home.

Each residence was designed specifically to make the most of One Manhattan Square’s location. The result is striking 360 degree views that encompass some of the city’s most famed landmarks. To the north, residents can spot several of New York’s legendary skyscrapers, with dazzling, unobstructed views of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building — both of which stand illuminated once dusk arrives, making for a dramatic nighttime tableau of Midtown.

Residents can also take in Downtown’s own array of notable skyscrapers. One World Trade Center and the Woolworth Building are standouts, with views of the Hudson River on the horizon. In full display to the south and east are some of New York City’s most photographed attractions, including the majestic Brooklyn Bridge, as well as the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges. And with them are panoramic views of the waterways surrounding Manhattan — from the East River to New York Harbor, where the Atlantic meets the Hudson.

During the day, residents can enjoy the sun reflecting off the water while also appreciating the calming stretches of green that grace the landscape, which include One Manhattan Square’s sprawling, 45,000-square-foot private garden, the vast expanse of East River Park, along with many others. And from the tower’s unique vantage point, New York comes alive by night with the glow of city lights — to be enjoyed as the backdrop to everyday living in these quintessentially Manhattan condominiums.