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What’s on at Metrograph?

Manhattan has always been about cinema magic, both on the screen and in the audience. While Regal Essex Crossing may dominate the Lower East Side movie-going scene with the latest hits, Metrograph offers an alternative for film connoisseurs. Situated near One Manhattan Square at 7 Ludlow Street, it’s more than just a theater—it’s an intimate rendezvous with classic movies in the city’s core.

Metrograph | 7 Ludlow St: Echoes of the Past

Founded by renowned designer, director, and writer Alexander Olch in 2016, Metrograph, which was inspired by New York City theaters from the 1920s, effortlessly blends the past and present. It’s not about nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake—it’s a genuine space where film buffs and creators converge. The classic marquee and vintage posters are subtle reminders of the city’s ongoing love affair with the silver screen.

The theater also has a bookstore, candy store, and the Commissary, comprising a cozy lobby bar, a distinctive restaurant with its own bar, and an exclusive dining area for special gatherings. Invoking the bustling studio cafeterias of Hollywood’s past, the Metrograph Commissary stands as an inviting hub for New York’s vibrant ensemble of filmmakers, artists, and film enthusiasts.

Metrograph’s lineup is as diverse as Manhattan itself. The movies currently in the mix at the theater include Past Lives, News From Home, Amanda, Frances Ha and Possession.

Also, within the Metrograph website lies an expansive library of over 200 indie films, ready for on-demand viewing by subscribers. Handpicked by the Metrograph team each month, these titles offer a mix of timeless classics and hidden gems. Take a look at curated collections such as “Ethnographic Eye,” “Five from Jean-Luc Godard,” or “International Arthouse.”

Metrograph is where Manhattan’s history and vibrant film culture intertwine. So, next time you’re craving a cinematic escape, remember this Downtown spot that’s equal parts sophisticated and welcoming.

A Touch of Viewing Luxury at One Manhattan Square

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